Holidays and weekends at the Forex market

On the Forex market there are holidays and weekends. Weekends in the Forex market, as in ordinary life, fall on Saturday and Sunday. Let’s talk, whether in reality, on weekends and holidays, Forex does not work, how to use the weekend trader.

In the Russian Federation, the Forex market starts on Monday at 02:00 Moscow time. It ends on Saturday at 02:00. The time may vary by 1-2 hours depending on the brokers, as well as the transition (or non-transition) to summer-winter time. It should be noted here that some brokers allow their clients to trade on weekends. In fact, Forex works on weekends Saturday and Sunday, but volatility on weekends is almost zero, although sometimes there are surges, the results of which you could see on the charts on Monday, finding some gaps. Experienced traders do not recommend trading on weekends, these days should be used for recreation.

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Gap is a price gap, let’s see what it is. This situation develops most often when the Forex market opens, and in view of the difference between the closing price on Friday and the opening price on Monday. The so-called Gaps are not always when opening Forex, but still they occur quite often, many traders are trying to make money on this. Some dealing centers that show price changes over the weekend smooth out quotes; we will not see any such Gap brokers.

The big advantage of trading through such a center is the triggering of pending orders, even in the case of small gaps, while ordinary brokers will cancel such orders. This approach will be especially useful when advisors are used for trading. Because quotes are not intermittent and failures will not.

Let’s continue the conversation about Gaps. They are possible not only on Monday, but also in other periods, for example, after the release of important news. At this time, the price can get a huge push and immediately jumps over several points. Trading on Gaps can be very profitable, some traders use this successfully, but you should find a suitable broker, you should also not forget that with gaps some brokers cancel the effect of pending orders.

Usually already experienced traders are not at the monitors and on the market permanently. The trader is like a predator, he is waiting for his prey – he watches the market and opens an order only when he receives certain signals from the market. Not rarely the process of monitoring the market is quite tedious, so you can:

  • Trade on a strategy that does not require a long time in front of the monitor.
  • Use scripts or trading advisors in trading, automating trading.

After hard work during the week, it is important for the trader to rest properly. At the weekend you need to spend a good rest, both physical and psychological. Not bad for a walk in the fresh air, play sports or just change the atmosphere. A trader needs to learn to quickly rehabilitate and restore his mental balance in order to continue trading on Monday.

Below is a calendar of significant holidays in various countries.

Now it is clear to us that there are holidays and regular weekends on the market. This time, with the right approach, some traders use to make money on Gaps. Do not also forget about the full rest, in addition to the need to take breaks and on working days.

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