Forex at night

After it is midnight in Moscow, there is a period of calm in the Forex market. US traders by this time have already finished trading, the rest begins to gain strength by the next day. Europeans, to which the European part of Russia belongs, have long since ended trade and many already have dreams. At this time, there are no US and UK banks in the market, no different hedge funds of the USA. Of course, some traders continue to trade, but the total activity is small.

The Forex market is open 5 days a week, around the clock, without interruption, of course, not counting a few holidays. All this time, including the night, is trading. At night, forex quietly, at this time he attracts his romantic slow pace. The night market is calm, not as volatile as during the day, but it becomes easier to predict. Some traders prefer to trade during this period of time, but most traders at this time use for recreation.+

There are several features in the Forex currency market at night, some of which are not suitable for every trader. Below are some positive and negative features that appear during the night when trading.

Forex at night, it’s just the perfect time to scalp. Currency rates change smoothly and very slowly. Analysis of the market in this period is much easier than in the daytime, nervousness is reduced to a minimum. On not large fluctuations, with a large number of transactions, you can earn not bad money.

Japanese traders start trading at about 1:00 Moscow time. During this period, you need to pay special attention to some currency pairs, such as: Euro-Yen, Dollar-Yen and British Pound-Yen. Since during this period, according to pairs, the largest number of transactions occur. Do not forget about the statistics, which comes out at 03: 00-03: 30 MSK. Some data have a great influence on currency pairs and can give a big impulse to the movement of prices in one or the other direction. Perhaps in this period of time it is better to stop trading.

The main thing you need to remember is that a normal normal person should sleep at night, and not be awake, at this time many functions of the body are inhibited. It is still better to trade in the daytime, it is better to use nighttime for rest. In extreme cases, it is better to go to bed early, and wake up to the news, which are published at 03:30 MSK.

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